About icount

What is icount?

Icount is the first political website that validates the public to enhance communication between elected officials and citizens. Through the use of technology, Icount is able to alleviate many of the pains experienced by citizens and elected officials in today’s political environment. Citizens finally have their voices heard and opinions counted by the right representatives. Politicians can finally get timely, targeted and relevant data on the sentiment of their constituents without having to filter through hundreds or thousands of emails.

What does Icount mean for Citizens?

By registering with Icount, you are immediately connected with all of your elected officials at the local, state and national levels. Submitting a suggestion, asking a question, making a statement, voting on a bill, taking a poll, or completing a survey ensures that your voice is validated and sent to all of your representatives. Icount simplifies and streamlines your political engagement , making it simple, results oriented, and effective.


What does Icount mean for politicians?

Politicians, at all levels, are flooded with emails, letters, phone calls and faxes from constituents and people or groups outside of their district. Icount filters out the noise and opens up a direct line of communication between elected officials and their validated constituents.