Michael Colona

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Democratic Missouri

State House (Missouri 67)


Home: Saint Louis, Missouri

Education: JD, Saint Louis University. 1994 Graduate, Truman State University, 1991

Profession: Adjunct Professor, Criminology, University of Missouri, 1998-present Lawyer, Private Practice, 1993-present Clerk, Saint Louis Circuit Court

Political: Representative, Missouri State House of Representatives, 2008-present Candidate, Missouri State House of Representatives, District 68, 2000

Organization Membership: Member, Saint Louis University School of Law Alumni Association, present Member, Truman University Alumni Association, present Member, Lawyers for Equality, 2006-present Member, Illinois Bar Association, 1996-present Member, Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys, 1995-present Member, Bar Association of Metropolitan Saint Louis, 1994-present Member, Missouri State Bar association, 1994-present


Crime Prevention


General Laws

Health Care Policy

Insurance Policy

Local Government


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