W. Scott Bales

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Justice of the Supreme Court (Arizona)

Born: 1957 Michigan

Home: Phoenix, Arizona

Education: JD, Harvard Law School, 1983 MA, Economics, Harvard University, 1980 BA, Michigan State University, 1978

Profession: Justice, Arizona State Supreme Court, 2005-Present Adjunct Professor of Election Law, University of Arizona, 2003-2005 Lawyer, Lewis and Roca LLP, 2001-2005 Solicitor General, Office of the Arizona Attorney General, 1999-2001 Judge Pro Tempe, Maricopa County, 1995-2002 Adjunct Professor of Law, Arizona State University, 1988-1991, 1993, 2001 Assistant United States Attorney, District of Arizona, 1995-1999 Judge Pro Tempore, Arizona Court of Appeals, 1993, 1998-1999 Lawyer, Meyer, Hendricks, Victor, Osborn & Maledon, 1985-1994 Clerk, United States Supreme Court, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, 1984-1985 Clerk, United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, Judge Joseph T. Sneed III, 1983-1984 Clerk, Office of the Solicitor General, United States Department of Justice, 1983 Teaching Fellow, Harvard University, 1979-1983

Congressional Membership: Advisory Committee on Rules of Practice, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, 2001-2005 State Bar of Arizona Rules of Professional Conduct Committee, 1999-2005 State Bar of Arizona Task Force on Access to Justice, 2002-2004 State Bar of Arizona Civil Practice and Procedure Committee, 1996-1998 State Bar of Arizona Criminal Rules Committee, 1995 Volunteer Bar Counsel, Arizona State Bar Disciplinary Proceedings, 1993 Arizona State Senate Ethics Committee, Special Investigative Counsel, 1991

Organization Membership: Member, State Bar of Arizona Appellate Practice Section, Executive Council, 2003-Present Chair, State Bar of Arizona Appellate Practice Section, Executive Council, 2004-2005 Board of Directors, Arizona Foundation for Legal Services and Education, 2004-2005 Chair, Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference. 2004-2005 Arizona Lawyer Representative, Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference, 2002-2005 Chair, District of Arizona, United States Magistrate Judge Merit Selection Committee (Phoenix), 2003-2004


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