Babette Josephs

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Democratic Pennsylvania

State House (Pennsylvania 182)

Family: Widowed; 2 Children: Lee, Eliza

Born: 08/04/1940 New York City, NY

Home: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Religion: Jewish

Education: JD, Rutgers University, 1976 BA, English, Queens College, 1962

Profession: Executive Director, Citizens Coalition for Energy Efficiency, 1980-1981 Executive Director, Pennsylvania Chapter of the National Abortion Rights Action League, 1978-1980 Attorney, Private Practice, 1977-1979 Teacher, Philadelphia School District, 1963-1964

Political: Committee Member, Eighth Ward Executive Committee, present Co-Chair, Eighth Ward, Philadelphia, 1984-present Representative, Pennsylvania House of Representatives, 1985-present Super Delegate, Democratic National Convention, 1992

Congressional Membership: Board Member, Philadelphia American Civil Liberties Union, 1970's-present Member, National Organization for Women, 1960's-present Member, Bicycle Caucus Member, Democratic Policy Committee Co-Vice Chair, Philadelphia Delegation, Pennsylvania General Assembly Convener, Women of the General Assembly

Organization Membership: Member, Philadelphia Bar Association Committees on Civil Rights and Women's Rights, present Member, Coalition of Labor Union Women, 2005-present Member, Young Involved Philadelphians, 2000-present Member, Action Alliance for Senior Citizens, 1980-present Member, Pennsylvania League of Conservation Voters, 1980-present Member, Pennsylvania Bar Association, 1978-present Board Member, Philadelphia American Civil Liberties Union, 1970-present Member, Center City Residents Association, 1970-present Americans for Democratic Action Member, Clean Air Council Board Member, Jewish Community Centers of Greater Philadelphia Member, League of Women Voters Member, Liberty City Gay and Lesbian Democratic Club Regional Coordinator, National Organization for Women Legislators Member, Sierra Club, Pennsylvania Chapter


Agriculture and Rural Affairs


State Government

Urban Affairs


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