W. Hall

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Democratic Kentucky

State House (Kentucky 93)

Born: 07/03/1959

Home: Phelps, Kentucky

Religion: Church of Christ

Education: Attended, University of Kentucky Attended, Pikeville College

Profession: Employee, Benetech Mining Materials

Political: Representative, Kentucky State House, 2001-present

Organization Membership: Member, American Federation of Labor - Congress of Industrial Organizations Member, Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Member, Kentucky Gun Owners of America Member, Kentucky Hope Member, Kentucky National Federation of Independent Business Member, National Rifle Association Member, Right to Life


Appropriations and Revenue

Interim Joint Committee on Appropriations

Interim Joint Committee on Economic Development

Interim Joint Committee on Natural Resources and Environment

Interim Joint Committee on Transportation

Natural Resources and Environment

Special Subcommittee on Energy

Subcommittee of Budget Review on Transportation

Subcommittee of Budget Review on Transportation

Subcommittee on Regulated Utilities

Tourism Development and Energy



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