Harold Mitchell

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Democratic, Working Families South Carolina

State House (South Carolina 31)

Family: Wife: Wanda; 3 children, David Benjamin, Elizabeth Ann, and Hannah Grace

Born: 06/03/1965 Spartanburg, SC

Home: Spartanburg, South Carolina

Education: Attending, Dominion Bible College, present Attended, South Carolina State University, 1984-1985 Attended, University of South Carolina, 1985-1988

Profession: Executive Director, ReGenesis, present

Political: Representative, South Carolina State House of Representatives, 2005-present Elected, Special Election, South Carolina State House of Representatives, November 29, 2005

Congressional Membership: State Competitive Initiative Task Force on Distress Committee Chairman, Spartanburg Housing Development Former House Committee on Agriculture, Natural Resources & Environmental Affairs

Organization Membership: Member, Environmental Protection Association Member, Dominion Community Church Board of Governors, Spartanburg Chamber of Commerce


Education and Public Works

Interstate Cooperation

Subcommittee on Higher Education

Subcommittee on Regulations


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