Leticia Van de Putte

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State Senate (Texas 26)

Family: Husband: Pete; 6 Children: Nichole, Vanessa, Henry, Gregory, Isabella, Paul.

Born: 12/06/1954 Tacoma, WA

Home: San Antonio, Texas

Religion: Catholic

Education: Kellogg Fellow, Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government, 1993 BS, University of Texas, Austin, College of Pharmacy 1979 Attended, Saint Mary's University

Profession: Advisory Member, Health Systems Research, Incorporated, 1993-1999 Pharmacy Advisory Panel, Eli Lilly and Company, 1989-1996 Pharmacy Council Member, Bristol-Myers Squibb United States Pharmaceutical Division, 1993-1994 Patient Education Committee, Texas Affiliate, American Diabetes Association, 1987-1991 President, Bexar County Pharmacy Association, 1987-1988 Vice President, Bexar County Pharmacy Association, 1986-1987 Secretary, Bexar County Pharmacy Association, 1982-1984

Political: Senator, Texas State Senate, 1999-present Representative, Texas State House of Representatives, 1990-1999 Texas Democratic Convention, 1990 Precinct 3010 Chairperson, 1988-1990

Congressional Membership: President, National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators, present Chair, Texas Senate Democratic Caucus, 2001-2003 Personal Privacy Task Force, 2002 Joint Select Committee, Public School Finance, 2001 Vice-Chair, Texas Senate Hispanic Caucus, 2000-2001 Vice Chair, Mexican American Legislation Caucus, 1998-1999 Chair, Mexican American Legislative Caucus, 1998 Secretary, Mexican American Legislation Caucus, 1991-1996 Governing Member, Womens Political Caucus of Bexar County

Organization Membership: Advisory Committee, Bexar County MH/MR Professionals, present Advisory Committee, Bexar County Parks, present President, Board Member, Bexar County Pharmacy Association, present Alamo Area Council, Advisory Committee, Boy Scouts of America, present City Council Appointments, present Member, Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, present Member, Jefferson Neighborhood Association, present Member, Market Square Association, present Member, Mexican American Business Professional Women, present Member, National Association of Community Pharmacists, present Executive Committee Member, Vice-President, National Conference of State Legislatures, present Member, CCD Faculty, Altar Society, Eucharistic Minister, Reader, Saint Joseph's Downtown Catholic Church, present Council on Bylaws, Texas Pharmacy Association, present Council on Public Affairs, Texas Pharmacy Association, present Member, Young Womens Christian Association, present Board of Governors, Young Men's Christian Association of San Antonio, 1994-present Board of Directors, Alamo Area Council of Governments, 1991-present Chair, Interagency Child Abuse Network, 1991-present Advisory Council, USTA Minority Programs, 1994 Kellogg Fellow, Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government, 1993 Texas Affiliate, American Diabetes Association, 1987-1991


Business and Commerce

Committee of the Whole Senate


State Affairs

Veteran Affairs and Military Installations


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