Johnny Ellis

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Democratic Alaska

State Senate (Alaska L)

Family: Single

Born: 03/13/1960 Springfield, Missouri

Home: Anchorage, Alaska

Religion: Baptist

Education: BA, Claremont McKenna College, 1982 Attended, University of Alaska, Anchorage, 1978-1979

Profession: Partner, Ellis Brothers, 2006 Co-Owner/Director, Macuir Company, 1992-2006 Owner, Alaska Natural, 1990-2002 Legislative Aide, Alaska Legislature, 1985-1986 Marketing Associate, Suddock and Suddock Associates, 1983-1985

Political: Senator, Alaska State Senate, 1992-present Representative, Alaska State House of Representatives, 1986-1992

Congressional Membership: Commissioner, Western Interstate Commission on Higher Education, 1996-present Children's Caucus, 1987-present Mental Health Parity Task Force, 1998 Co-Chair, Health Resources and Access Task Force, 1991-1992 Chair, Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenting Task Force, 1990 Co-Chair, Family Support Task Force, 1989-1990 Co-Chair/Founder, Tourism Working Group, 1987-1989 Member, Alaska Women's Lobby Fiscal Policy Caucus

Organization Membership: Co-Chair, American Council for Young Political Leaders, present Board of Directors, Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center, 2003-2006 Board Member, Boys and Girls Club of Southcentral Alaska, 2000-2006 Ex Officio Member, Anchorage Economic Development Corporation, 1999-2006 Advisory Board, Food Bank of Anchorage, 1997-2006 Member, Anchorage Waterways Council, 1994-2006 Member, Friends of the Musk Ox, 1991-2006 Board Member, Anchorage Economic Development Corporation, 1998-2002 Member, American Marketing Association KSKA Radio Mount View Community Center Fundraising Drive Member, We the People Committee Board of Directors, Blacks in Alaska History Project, Inc. Fairview Community Council Member, Alaska Women?s Lobby Business and Professional Women/USA Member, Key Campaign to advocate for people with disabilities


Community And Regional Affairs


Health and Social Services


Senate World Trade

Subcommittee on Administration

Subcommittee on Corrections

Subcommittee on Labor and Workforce Development

Subcommittee on University of Alaska


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