Reggie Joule

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Democratic Alaska

State House (Alaska 40)

Family: Wife: Linda; 5 Children: Lovisa, Reggie III, Angela, Dawn, Puyuk

Born: 07/14/1952 Nome, AK

Home: Kotzebue, Alaska

Education: Attended, University of Fairbanks, 1970-1972 Diploma, Copper Valley High School, 1970

Profession: Recruiter, Administrator, Alaska Technical Center Project Manager, Kotzebue IRA Former member, NANA Regional Corporation Board of Directors Special Assistant for President, Tikigaq Corporation

Political: Representative, Alaska State House of Representatives, 1996-present Minority Whip, Alaska State House of Representatives Member, Northwest Arctic School Board

Congressional Membership: Chair, House Bush Caucus, 1997-1998 Alaska Human Resource Investment Council Chair, Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board Governor's Council on Disabilities and Special Education Vice-Chair, Interim Commission on Children and Youth

Organization Membership: Member, Advisory Council, Boys and Girls Club Member, Kotzebue Local Fish and Game Advisory Board


Alaska Northern Waters Task Force

Education Funding District Cost Factor


Subcommittee on Environmental Conservation

Subcommittee on Health and Social Services

Subcommittee on University of Alaska


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