Scott Kawasaki

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Democratic Alaska

State House (Alaska 9)

Family: Single

Born: 03/20/1975 Tokyo, Japan

Home: Fairbanks, Alaska

Religion: Christian

Education: BS, Biomedicine, University of Alaska Fairbanks, 1999

Profession: Senior Patient Representative, Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, 1999-2008 Former Legislative Aide, Alaska State Legislature

Political: Representative, Alaska State House of Representatives, 2006-present Councilmember, Fairbanks City Council, 1999-2005 Candidate, Alaska State House of Representatives, District 9, 2004

Congressional Membership: Member, House Democratic Caucus, 2006-2008 Coordinator, Coalition of Student Leaders at University of Alaska Fairbanks

Organization Membership: Member, Rotary Golden Heart, 2003-present Member, American Council of Young Political Leaders, 2001-present Member, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity Board, 1993-present Member, American Red Cross, 1992-present Member, Big Brothers/Sisters of America, 1992-present Lifetime Member, National Rifle Association (NRA), 1992-present Charter Member, Fairbanks Golden Heart Rotary Club, 2005-2008 Alumni Council Member, American Council of Young Political Leaders, 2001-2008 Member, American Council of Young Political Leaders Member, Aurora Borealis Rotaract Board Member, Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce Member, Fairbanks Symphony Association Board Member, Policing Board



Education Funding District Cost Factor


Legislative Budget and Audit


Subcommittee on Corrections

Subcommittee on Court System

Subcommittee on Public Safety


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