William Thomas

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Republican Alaska

State House (Alaska 5)

Family: Wife: Joyce Marie; 5 Children: Rhett, Danny, Gabe, Cole, Rhiannon

Born: 06/01/1947 Haines, AK

Home: Haines, Alaska

Religion: Presbyterian

Education: Attended, University of Alaska, 1965 Diploma, Haines High School, 1965

Profession: Fisherman, Self-Employed, 1969-present Lobbyist, Koukanan Incorporated, 1989-2004 Vice President/President, Koukan Incorporated, 1977-1985 Operator, Longshore Loader, 1970-1977 Former Chair/Chief Executive Officer, Klukwan, Incorporated United States Army, Vietnam

Political: Representative, Alaska State House of Representatives, 2004-present Member, Haines Borough Assembly Member, Haines District School Board

Congressional Membership: Co-Chair, Community & Regional Affairs Committee, 2005-2006 Co-Chair, Fisheries Committee, 2005-2006 Member, Education Committee, 2005-2006 Member, Finance Committee, 2007-2008 Member, Fisheries Committee, 2005-2006 Member, Military & Veterans' Affairs Committee, 2005-2006 Member, Transportation Committee, 2005-2006 Chair, Administration Finance Subcommittee, 2007-2008 Chair, Fish & Game Finance Subcommittee, 2007-2008 Member, Commerce, Community & Economic Development Finance Subcommittee, 2005-2006 Member, Fish & Game Finance Subcommittee, 2005-2006 Member, Transportation Finance Subcommittee, 2005-2006

Organization Membership: Honorary Lifetime Member, American Legion, present Council Member, Chilkoot Indian Associations, present Lifetime Member, United Fisherman of Alaska, present Board of Directors, Southeast Alaska Fisherman's Alliance


Alaska Renewable Energy Task Force

Armed Services


Legislative Budget and Audit

Legislative Council

Subcommittee on Court System

Subcommittee on Fish and Game

Subcommittee on Governor

Subcommittee on Legislature

Subcommittee on University of Alaska


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