Peggy Wilson

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Republican Alaska

State House (Alaska 2)

Family: Husband: Woody; 3 Children: Tad, Gina, Chris; 8 Grandchildren; 1 Great Grandchild

Born: 09/08/1945 Anamosa, IA

Home: Wrangell, Alaska

Religion: Presbyterian

Education: EMT I II & III Certifications, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, 1995-1997 National School Nurse Certificate, University of Chapel Hill, 1982 AS, Science/Registered Nursing, Kirkwood Community College, 1973

Profession: Registered Nurse, TOR Clinic and then Wrangel Medical Center, 1997-present Registered Nurse, Western Rockingham City Schools - School Nurse, 1984-1993 Owner, Sasco Body Toning and Health Care Products, 1987-1990 Regional Manager, Modern Income Life, 1975-1977 Milk Cow Farmer School Nurse Store Front Business Owner Emergency Medical Technician, Tok Area Management Service Treasurer, Tok Emergency Medical Services

Political: Representative, Alaska State House of Representatives, 2000-present Representative, North Carolina State House of Representatives, 1989-1993

Congressional Membership: Co-Chair, House Special Committee on Fisheries, 2001-2002 Member, Alaska-Canada Electrical Intertie Steering Committee, 2006 Member, Conference on State Legislatures, 2001-2006 Member, Council of State Governments, 1990-1993 Member, Fiscal Policy Caucus, 2001-2002 Member, Fish & Game Finance Subcommittee, 2003-2004 Member, National Conference on State Legislatures Forestry, 2000 Member, Petersburg/Wrangell, Resource Advisory Committee, 2002-2006 Member, State Affairs Committee, 2001-2002 Member, Task Force "Western Trends with the Council of State Governments", 2002 Member, Transportation Committee, 2001-2002 Member, Transportation & Public Facilities Finance Subcommittee, 2001-2002 Member, United States Forest Service Resource Advisory Committee for Women's Legislative Network, National Conference on State Legislatures, 2003-present Member, Western Legislative Forestry Task Force, 2001-2004 Pacific Northwest Economic Region, 2001-2006 Vice-Chair, Health, Education, & Social Services Committee, 2001-2002 Vice-Chair, House Special Committee on Fisheries, 2003-2004 Western Legislative Forestry Task Force, 2001- 2004 Women's Legislative Network and Fiscal Policy Committee

Organization Membership: Member, Alaska Federation of Business and Professional Women, present Member, National Conference on State Legislatures, present Member, National Rifle Association, present Member, Tok Ambulance Squad, present Member, Alaska Nurses Association, 2000-present Member, Alaska Republican Women, 2000-present Member, American Nurses Association, 2000-present Member, Emblem Club, 1998-present Advisory Board, Alaska Comprehensive Center, 2006 Council State Governments, 1990-1993 Member, American Legislative Exchange Vice-President, Pilot International Member, Rotary International


Economic Development, Trade


Education Funding District Cost Factor

Legislative Council


State Affairs

Subcommittee on Corrections

Subcommittee on Education and Early Development

Subcommittee on Transportation and Public Facilities



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