Herbert Font-Russell

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Democratic Vermont

State House (Vermont Rutland-5-3)


Home: Rutland, Vermont

Education: Attended, University of Kentucky, Lexington, 1972-1973 Attended, State University of New York, 1971-1972

Profession: Pharmaceutical Technician, Walgreens, 2010-present Seasonal Telemarketer, Vermont Country Store, 2009-2010 Guest Services Agent, The Equinox, 2008-2009 Customer Service, South Jersey Transportation Authority, 2005-2008 Administrative Assistant to Director, Casino Reinvenstment Development Authority, 2004-2005 Flight Attendant, American Airlines, 1976-2004 Cabin Attendant, Northwest Orient Airlines, 1974-1976 Allegheny Airlines, 1972-1973

Political: Representative, Vermont State House of Representatives, 2010-present Candidate, West Virginia State Senate, 1996 Candidate, West Virginia State Senate, 1992

Congressional Membership: Delaware Adult Entertainment Commission, 2001-2002 Summit for West Virginia's Youth's Future, 1998-2000 West Virginia Boundary Commission and Medicaid Board, 1991-1999

Organization Membership: Board Member, Vermont Rail Action Network Rutland Representative, Petition to Save the Ethan Allen, Vermont Rail Action Network


Commerce and Economic Development


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