Brian Thomas

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Democratic Georgia

State House (Georgia 100)

Family: Wife: Larissa

Born: 01/15/1961 Paterson, NJ

Home: Lilburn, Georgia

Education: PhD, Anthropology, State University of New York, Binghamton, 1995 MA, Anthropology, Wake Forest University, 1991 BA, History/Philosophy, Wofford College, 1983

Profession: Manager, Cultural Resources Company, present Operations Manager, TRC Garrow Associates, Incorporated, 1999-present Major, United States Army Reserves, 2000 Archaeologist, Southwest Missouri State University, 1997-1999 Archaeologist, The Hermitage, 1994-1996 Archaeologist, National Park Service, 1991-1992 Captain, Military Intelligence Division, United States Army, 1983-1987

Political: Representative, Georgia State House of Representatives, 2004-present

Congressional Membership: Board Member, Georgia National Register Review Board, 2002-2006

Organization Membership: Board, American Cultural Resources Association, 2004-present Board, Georgia Council of Professional Archaeologists, 2004-present Historic Places/Archaeological Sites Issue Leader, Sierra Club, Georgia Chapter, 2003-present Newsletter Editor, Society for Georgia Archeology, 2001-present President, Georgia Council of Professional Archaeologists, 2002-2004


Defense and Veterans Affairs


Natural Resources and Environment

Subcommittee on Academic Support


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