William Smith

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New Hampshire

State House (New Hampshire Rockingham 18)


Family: Wife: Marjorie; 2 Children

Home: , New Hampshire

Education: PhD, Computer Science, University of Pennsylvania Degree, Electrical Engineering, Princeton University Degree, Electrical Engineering, University of Maryland

Profession: Electrical Engineer, American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T), present Electrical Engineer, ITT, present President/Chief Executive Officer, Telco Systems, Incorporated Senior Vice President, United States West, Incorporated

Political: Representative, New Hampshire State House of Representatives, 2008-present

Congressional Membership: Member, New Castle Zoning Board of Adjustment, present Member, Rockingham County Legislative Delegation, present

Organization Membership: Moderator, New Castle Congregational Church, present Chair, New Castle Republican Town Committee, present



Special Committee on Public Employee Pensions Reform

Subcommittee on Finance - Division II


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