Beverley Swaim-Staley

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Secretary of Transportation (Maryland)

Home: , Maryland

Education: MA, Contemporary Government, Hood College, 1982 BA, Political Science, Hood College, 1977

Profession: Director, Office of Management and Budget, Montgomery County, 2003-2007 Assistant Director, Financial Management, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, 1998-1999 Budget and Policy Analyst, State of Maryland, Department of Legislative Services, 1983-1993 Program Administrator, Western Maryland Consortium, 1977-1982

Political: Secretary, State of Maryland, Department of Transportation, 2009-present Deputy Secretary, State of Maryland, Department of Transportation, 1999-2003/2007-2009 Executive Director, Maryland Aviation Administration, 2001-2002 Chief Financial Officer, State of Maryland, Department of Transportation, 1993-1997

Congressional Membership: Member, Asbestos Oversight Committee, 2009-present Member, Baltimore Regional Transportation Board of Baltimore Metropolitan Council, 2009-present Member, Capital Debt Affordability Committee, 2009-present Member, Climate Change Commission, 2009-present Member, Climate, Energy and Environment Policy Committee, 2009-present Member, Critical Area Commission for the Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays, 2009-present Member, Commission on Environmental Justice and Sustainable Communities, 2010-present Member, Commission on State Debt, 2009-present Co-Chair, Executive Committee for Dredged Material Management Plans, 2009-present Member, Executive Committee, Transportation Enhancements Program, 2009-present Member, Governor's Base Realignment and Closure Subcabinet, 2009-present Member, Governor's Executive Council, 2009-present Member, Governor's Interagency Council on Homelessness, 2009-present Member, Governor's Smart Growth Subcabinet, 2009-present Member, Governor's Subcabinet for International Affairs, 2009-present Member, Interagency Committee on Aging Services, 2009-present Member, Interagency Committee on Specialized Transportation, 2009-present Member, Interagency Disabilities Board, 2009-present Member, Interdepartmental Advisory Committee for Minority Affairs, 2009-present Member, Interstate Air Quality Council, 2009-present Member, Joint Legislative and Executive Commission on Oversight of Public-Private Partnerships, 2010-present Member, Maryland Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, 2009-present Chair, Maryland Aviation Commission, 2009-present Member, Maryland Communities for a Lifetime Commission, 2010-present Member, Maryland Economic Development Assistance Authority, 2009-present Member, Maryland Economic Development Corporation, 2009-present Member, Maryland Green Building Council, 2009-present Member, Maryland Green Purchasing Committee, 2010-present Member, Maryland Heritage Areas Authority, 2009-present Member, Maryland Integrated Map Executive Committee, 2009-present Member, Maryland Military Installation Council, 2009-present Member, Maryland Port Commission, 2009-present Member, Maryland Rural Broadband Coordination Board, 2009-present Member, Maryland State Drug and Alcohol Abuse Council, 2009-present Member, Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission, 2010-present Member, Maryland Transportation Authority, 2009-present Member, Maryland War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission, 2009-present Member, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, 2009-present Member, Patuxent River Commission, 2009-present Member, Procurement Advisory Council, 2009-present Member, State Center Executive Committee, 2009-present Member, State Coordinating Committee for Human Services Transportation, 2009-present Member, Statewide Interoperability Executive Committee, 2009-present Member, Transportation Professional Services Selection Board, 2009-present Member, Washington Suburban Transit Commission, 2009-present

Organization Membership: Member, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, 2007-present Board Member, Arundel Community Development Services, Incorporated, 2002-present Member, Northeast Association of State Transportation Officials, 2007-present Member, Maryland Leadership, 2000


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