Milton Nielsen

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Republican Idaho

State House (Idaho 22B)

Family: Wife: Connie; 8 Children: Robin Jo, Arlow, April, Heather, Celeste, Clint, Ivan, Desarae

Born: 03/15/1938 Burley, ID

Home: Mountain Home, Idaho

Religion: Mormon

Profession: Life and Health Insurance Agent, Beneficial Life/Blue Cross & Blue Shield, 1989-present Farmer, Self-Employed, 1970-present

Political: Representative, Idaho State House, 2003-present Candidate, Idaho State Senate, 1998 District Chair/County Chair, Republican Party

Organization Membership: Chairman/Director, Sugar Beet Growers Association of Elywhee, present President/Chairman, Elwyhee County Republicans, 1990 President, Sugar Beet Growers Association, 1970-1980 President, Elmore County National Farmers Organization, 1970 President, Elywhee Growers Association, 1970



Health and Welfare

Judiciary, Rules and Administration


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