Nancy Dembowski

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Democratic Indiana

State House (Indiana 17)

Family: Widowed: Ed; 3 Children: Michael, Rebecca, Patrick

Home: Knox, Indiana

Religion: Catholic

Profession: Retired, WKVI Radio, Knox, Indiana

Political: Assistant Majority Caucus Chair, Indiana State House, present Representative, Indiana State House, 2006-present Candidate, Indiana State Senate, District 5, 2004 Senator, Indiana State Senate, 2002-2004 Mayor, Knox, Indiana, 1991-2002 Member, Starke County Council, 1984-1991

Congressional Membership: Fomrer Member, Starke County Economic Development Board

Organization Membership: Chambers of Commerce Kiwanis Club Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church President, Starke County Junior Achievement Secretary, Starke County Youth Club Chair, Starke United Member, Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees


Courts and Criminal Code

Local Government

Natural Resources

Roads and Transportation


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