Lori Klein

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State Senate (Arizona 6)

Family: 3 Children

Home: Anthem, Arizona

Profession: Owner, Lori Klein and Associates, present Development, The Health Care Freedom Act, present Executive Director/Director of Development, Medical Choice for Arizona (Proposition 101), 2008 Executive Director/Spokesperson, Proposition 207, 2006 National Director of Development, Americans for Fair Taxation, 2002?2006 Executive Director, Taxpayer Protection Alliance, 1999?2000 Executive Director/Director of Public Affairs, Arizona School Choice Trust, 1998

Political: Precinct Committee Member, Arizona Republican Party

Congressional Membership: Former Chair, Arizona School Choice Trust Advisory Board

Organization Membership: Board Member, Arizonans in Action, present Board Member, Arizonans for the Fair Tax, present Member, Fellowship Church, present Board Member, The Orange Coalition, present Former Board Member, Arizona Federation of Taxpayers Former Member, Ponderosa Republican Women


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